Fighting Flo in the Lowcountry

Fighting Flo in the Lowcountry is a local grassroots effort growing here in the Lowcountry to help those most affected by hurricane Florence. This could have been us!
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Organizational Update

Organizational Update – October 15

30 Days! Wow!! We are immensely proud that we have hit our 30 day milestone in this donation relief effort. What started with three individuals coordinating donation drives in their own neighborhoods blossomed into a massive effort with countless volunteers and generous businesses and individuals serving as drop box locations. Together, we have collected and delivered over 35 TONS of critical and supplemental supplies to areas hit hardest by Hurricane Florence. We are so proud of everyone who has played a big and small role in this effort. It has been truly humbling to watch it come to fruition and hear the impact from those who have received our supplies.

Our organization is run solely by volunteers who give up their time to help make every aspect of this effort a success. We are incredibly fortunate that so many volunteers have absorbed their own gas expenses, space, and most importantly time in order to move 35 tons of supplies from drop box locations to the airport and/or staging locations for delivery. It is with our volunteers in mind, we have decided to start weening down our operations to conclude our efforts by October 31 (our 45 day milestone).

Please find the below timeline for the next couple weeks:

October 16 – The Amazon Wish List will be suspended by 9pm October 16. You can still order today or tomorrow if you wish to purchase any further supplies. We need to suspend the wish list ahead of October 31 to ensure all shipments are received in time for delivery to Myrtle.

October 22 – All drop box locations will discontinue collections. The map with box locations on our website will be removed the same day so it is no longer available to the public.

October 31 – All donations must be picked up and delivered to the pre-staging area in Mt Pleasant between October 23 and October 31. Please contact Karlee Chapman to coordinate pick-up or delivery. We will no longer accept donations starting on November 1. We will have deliveries to the SCNeeds Distribution Center on October 27 and any last remaining items on November 3.

If you’d still like to help Florence victims after October 31, you can purchase directly from SCNeeds Amazon Wish List, or follow them on their Facebook page ScNeedsHelp Donation and Distribution Center for volunteer opportunities.

Locally, mayors within all of our surrounding cities have announced the formation of the Lowcountry Mayors’ Disaster Relief Fund which will raise money for Florence-related disaster assistance via the Disaster Relief Fund, They will continue to update their website for other ways you can help as well.

We are blessed to see that the government has been offering assistance for the last few weeks and these other organizations are stepping up to offer Florence victims more long-term support. Your generosity and support filled a critical gap and enlightened us to just how vulnerable we all are following natural disasters. What a blessing it has been to give and serve beside you. Thank you Flo Fighters for all your Lowcountry love! ❤️

Ways to Help


Your help is still desperately needed even after Flo has departed. There are several ways to help.  Click on an icon below for more information.


Drop off locations

Drop off items at one of our many locations.  We have over 80 places to drop off items at. Use the locator map to find one near you.

Collect items

Sign up to collect donated items.

Click here for a PDF of items being collected Floneedslistv926v2

Amazon Wish List

You can purchase items from our Amazon Wish List for Fighting Flo in the Lowcountry.

Follow us

Keep up with the latest needs and news in our Facebook group.  You can also arrange for a pick up if your box is full.

Help our neighbors

Donate goods today

List Updated 9/26/2018 *Urgent Need Items in Red*

Please note that we cannot accept the following items: 
Used clothing/shoes
Anything in glass jars
Home goods/decor

Personal Hygiene

*Pull Ups
* Diaper rash cream
* Bug Spray
Baby Diapers
Baby wipes
Adult Diapers
Toilet Paper
Shampoo & conditioner
Hair brushes and combs
Hand sanitizer
Feminine products
Razors and shaving cream
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Emery Boards

Cleaning Supplies

*Rubber gloves
*Latex gloves
*Sponge scrubbers
*Household spray cleaners
*Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Lysol wipes
Hand soap

First Aid

Antibiotic Ointment
Rubbing Alcohol
Children’s Ibuprofen
Children’s Acetaminophen
Rubbing Alcohol
Calamine lotion
OTC Allergy medicine
(Benedryl, etc.)
Eye Drops
Reading glasses

General Items

*Manual can openers
* Tarps
Ant Spray/Fire Ant Spray
Batteries – Size D
Tool kits
Gas containers
Face dust masks
Heavy-duty extension cords
Power strips
Tire patch kits
Zip Ties
Disposable plates, cups, bowls, utensils


*Baby food (in pouches or plastic)
*Baby food and formula
*Shelf stable milk
Non-perishable canned goods (pop-tops)
Other non-perishable food items
Hard candies that will not melt

Personal Items

*NEW socks and underwear (including children) (men, women & children)
Flip flops (all sizes)
Rubber boots

Pet Supplies

Dry dog and cat food
Crates of all sizes
Cat litter
Litter boxes

For a PDF list, click below 


Please note that we cannot accept the following items:

  • Used clothing/shoes

  • Anything in glass jars

  • Home goods/decor

Experienced at providing help when it is needed most, Tammy Mobbs Conklin, a resident of Mt. Pleasant is coordinating all logistics, including storage, transportation and relief organizations to accept and deliver donations to where they are needed most. Brittany Pittman, a current resident of Summerville, but originally from Carteret County, NC, an area very hard hit by Florence is spearheading the social media effort and providing information from some of the areas that need our help. Lisa Scott, also a resident of Mt. Pleasant, is coordinating donation sites and assisting with the social media effort. Please feel free to contact Tammy, Brittany, or Lisa with any questions or if you would like to assist with this effort. Thanks so much!

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